Weddings are about connection- two individuals committing on a deeper level and putting their energies together in an intentional way. An experience where families intermingle and come together for an event that is based in love has a powerful transformative effect. This is where my spirit soars, and why I find making wedding films is such a source of joy and inspiration for me. Because we are all connected, we are Stardust from the same Big Bang , and we are all sharing the same energy that powers the universe. A wedding is a time and place where we open our eyes to this universal connection between all souls. My role is to create a film from that same place of love and connection that serves as a reminder of those two notions, that we are more similar than not, and that love is what powers us all to do our best. To make a wedding video that not only records the happenings of the day, but serves to remind us of our connections to each other, and the power of love that binds us together as human beings. To make a film of your wedding day that purposefully sparks the memory of how easily we once knew that we are all one, and how Love leads us to our highest calling.

A memory is a reflection of the light we’ve seen from the past.